Chanel Saddles Up for Spring / Summer 2010

October 6th, The Grand Palais, Paris, France: lights, cameras, - hut? Chanel has done it again, as the work of Karl Lagerfeld walks out of a make-shift old fashioned country house in a brilliant assortment of pieces. Many pop culture icons sat in the audience, like Rihanna and Prince, along with photographers from all over the world hoping to sneak a peak at what Chanel will be bringing into the next season in fashion. Runway designers have really thought out of the box with this one, covering the floor of the Grand Palais with wheat and hay, giving it a little house on the prairie look, which mirrors the latest inspiration for Lagerfeld. Each outfit is tied back to a country core, with clogs (from the new line called 5 O’ Clogs) and wheat as accessories and embellishment.

Some of us are looking forward to the warm, spring seasons, with the sun sitting softly on our skin, while others are waiting for the minute they can break out the shorts and flip flops. What does Chanel bring to our closets this upcoming season? The Spring/Summer 2010 Collection includes textured and feminine skirt sets, delicate, feminine dresses, strong pant sets, and structured classic silhouettes. Each piece collection has very gentle but bold characteristics with intricate details that make the piece live up to the Chanel standard.

Every outfit had little details, like elegant jewelry and hand-painted body art, and the big picture, including the model, walk, and wear seemed to take your breath away. The neutral, washed-out colors added a classic, home-style feel. As a spectator, you can’t help but feel happy and smile when you see the pieces coming toward you; the beauty in both design and layout is so simple and beautifully crafted that you are left with an enthusiastic, almost whimsical feeling.
Lagerfeld kept our attention throughout the entire show, each piece feeding off of the last. He reeled in the audience and held us captivated in the glamour and intricacy of each piece. Details turned clogs, which a majority of fashion fanatics see as heavy, boat-like shoes, into something high fashion. The hand-drawn body art is something readers would have to see with their own eyes, they could easily pass off as actual accessories. This new line brought back a previous style used by Chanel the 30’s, poppies. Lagerfeld goes to quote, “Hers [Chanel] were different, but it’s the principle. I have no principles, but I stick to that one.”

This prairie, country style has left fashion journalists at a loss for words. Lagerfeld had turned country into something delicate, strong, beautiful, and graceful. The little house on the prairie got a makeover fit for fashion royalty, with very business like pieces in pale, off white colors, progressing toward more feminine pieces, to strong pant suits, dresses with fine chains running across them, incorporating a twisted houndstooth pattern. Lagerfeld joined staple Chanel themes and a soft, natural, country style to create a collection of breath-taking pieces and has promised us a season of fabulous fashion.

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