Chanel’s Body Art Debut

It’s like a weird mix between a cool accessory and make-up, but getting tatted has suddenly turned fashionable, with Chanel’s Body Art Debut.

 The stick on tattoos will be available from March and take a play on the new season trend of Trompe L-oeil.
While I don’t think this is a look for everyone, I think it could add an interesting element  to day and night looks, especially since the tattoos will look like jewellery.

There’s florals, strings of pearls and of course the double C monogram  to be had, so this is certainly a sell-out in the making.

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  1. it looks really cool. but there's nothing more convenient than slipping on your accessories and take it off when you don't feel like going on with it.


  2. HAHAHA i have the beaded draclet tattoo i got it 3 years ago.. chanel thought it up to?
    It is very nice i never have to but jewelery on.


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