Dior Homme A/W 2010

Dior Homme A/W 2010 Collection was awash with beige - beige trenchcoats, beige shirts and whole beige outfits. The beige was blended with smokey blacks and greys for a cool-toned colour pallette. I'm really excited about the various jackets which featured in this collection. Most of them have hidden fastenings/buttons, so they all look extremely streamline and unfussy, as well as having a futuristic vibe.

There was also oversized neck jumpers which has an interesting Fifth Element look. It was all really well done and these elements were mixed into classic pieces, such as trenchcoats or suits to keep the look modern and make sure it didn't become naff or cliché. Definitely another triumpt for Dior Homme - and with the news that Dior Homme will be lauching a womens label with a  masculine edge (think boyfriend blazers)  - titled  "Petite Taille".


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  1. Loved the show, must get my hands on that jacket in the 3rd pic!


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