Givenchy Spring 2010 Haute Couture

Givenchy Haute Couture Collection was drama filled from the makeup to the lace lampshade style hats there was nothing off limits.  It was a collection of different looks with sometimes little or no connection. From feathers, fur and frills to sheer and beaded, there was a lot to keep your eyes occupied. I am always on the search for new things in collection that make it stand out or that I've never seen done before.The most interesting thing that caught my eye in this collection was the lampshade looking hats. There was one with lace hanging down and a plastic black 60's looking one.I would love to see people rocking those in the streets it be so bazaar yet amazing.

The Lamp Shade Hats.

The feather and frills with some Bermuda shorts, is this possibly the next new trend in shorts. I actually really love the sheep fur looking jacket with the bow although it is crazy the bow makes it look classy and feminine.

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