A Round up of My Top Ten Favorite Beauty Tips

I decided to compile my top ten list of beauty tips and tricks to share with you.

1 - Invest is some good dry shampoo if you won’t be near a shower for a long time and want to combat greasy hair. This is especially good if your going to a festival or on a long trip. My favorite is by Batiste - its cheap and effective. They also have a colour range for people with darker hair which is a really good idea - it means your not left with white dry shampoo flakes in your hair! Their scented shampoos are definitely the best  - they leave your hair with a nice, fresh smell.

2. Always apply a Foundation Primer before your foundation if your going to be wearing your make-up all day and want it to last. Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer is always complimented for its good performance.
3. Tried, red eyes? Line them with a white kohl eyeliner to reduce redness and make them look bigger. I like this one from Model’s Own, which I use myself and have noticed the difference.

4. Make sure your foundation matches your skin colour. Foundation is only supposed to even out skin-tone and hid blemishes - not cover your whole face in a mask! To make sure it matches, apply some along your jaw line and make sure there is no visible colour difference. Try Dior’s Diorskin.
5. Exfoliate one a week to remove dull skin. Don’t exfoliate any more then once a week however, or your skin might begin to produce extra oil, leaving you with oily skin!  Elemis have a great one: Gentle Rose Exfoliator.

6. Use a heat defense spray for your hair when blowdrying or using a curling iron or straighter. Heat can be really damaging for your hair, and leave you with brittle, dried out hair. I always use Toni & Guy’s Heat Defense Spray - its always leaves your hair soft and with a salon finish.
7.  Pluck your eyebrows from the bottom - this keeps them from growing thicker further up your face. Only pluck hair’s from the top of your eyebrow if they’re really out of shape. I love these patterned tweezers by tweezeman.
8. Keep your hair in check with a good brush. This brush by TIGI will ensure silky smooth locks.

9.  Use an eyebrow pencil a shade darker then your eyebrow hair colour to make them stand out. And give them a good definition. Eyebrow gel can help hold eyebrow hairs in place if you find that your eyebrows often lose their shape.
This one by benefit will do the job nicely!
10. Don’t forget the small things - lip liner can make your lips stand out a mile and keep your lipstick in check for hours longer. Nail varnish adds an extra groomed element to your look. Sparkling teeth are hard not to notice!
I love Dior nail varnish - there’s always a great selection of colours. Try this one in purple candy.

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