Donatella Talks Models In Love Magazine


Donatella Versace said in a recent interview with Love Magazine that models of today lack personality and "that special something" - and are more like robots.
"Now we need something. We need a special personality. We need to feed the egos of these girls. Somebody like Kristen [McMenamy] who had a huge ego. Beautiful."

She complained that in the past, Gianni was afraid to use famous models incase the fame of the model would overshadow the clothes - but Donatella disagrees with this and says that famous model + famous clothes = double famous.

'Do not be afraid like everybody else, because it is just stupid. Fame on fame means more fame! It does not take away anything; it adds.'"

but she no longer has this to fear because models no longer are "scary" and hungry for fame like they once were. She says we need someone new to make a huge impact and I couldn't agree more - the days of idolizing these unique and powerful women seems to have passed - and we need someone to bring us forward - someone like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell or even Twiggy - these are the people who stood out and kicked ass.

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