Faking it: A Guide to Self Tanning


Spring is just around the corner, and hopefully it will be warm enough for shorts/dresses/skirts to be worn sans tights. This provides the usual tanning predicament to any fair skinned girls, like myself. I can't bare my legs without it, simply because I don't like how pale I look, even in the dead heat of Summer. The solution? Faking it - big time. Before, when I was a shy little teenage girl, I never wore shorts because of my worry that I would frighten people with my ghostly pale complexion - and then last year, I discovered St Tropez's delightful range of self tanning products which gave me the confidence to finally throw on a pair of hotpants and flaunt it. 
Through trial and error, I finally found the best way to get the stuff on - and get it off again. Here's the need to know info, so you can get that Natasha Poly glow too.

Preparing Your Skin
 This is an important part, which shouldn't be skipped, unless you don't have an option. If you have the time, make sure you prepare your skin in the following ways before slapping it on.

Mosturising is essential for the final outcome -apply a good one all over - including your face. I like this Body Oil from Paul and Joe - oil is a good idea if you like that silky, reflective look. 

This body polish from Fake Bake will make sure your skin is free to dead cells and looking it best! The Elemis Gentle Rose exfoliator is a good face exfoliator which I've tried and I quite liked the results.


For successful tan application you should get your hands on:


  • hair ties and a good headband to keep your hair back and so you can tan the back of your neck easily.
  • rubber gloves or a tan mitt - you don't want orange palms, and this is the best way to avoid.
What Product to Use?

If you want a tan which will last up to a week (depends on how many times you plan to shower of course) Then look for a good lotion or mousse. Here's some of the best products for this purpose:

 From L-R Benefit's Talk to the Tan, Make Believe's Self Tan Lotion, St Tropez's Tan Mousse)
If you tend to end up with orange elbows and knees, simply loosely apply a layer of moisturiser on the areas before hand for a lighter tint. I like to start at my feet and work upwards - I think this is probably the easiest method.

If your looking for a top up or a tan which will last just one day, there is also a few products which specialize in this.
St. Tropez's Everyday range is really handy if you want to top up or just want a light tan. They have a specially formulated face version too, and one for legs if your just throwing on a skirt and need a quick bronzing.

If your going on a sun holiday, I recommend this product from Fake Bake, which is a tan enhancing lotion. It doesn't actually contain any colour but instead helps you hang on to a natural tan for a bit longer.

I've been lusting after this bronzing power from St Tropez for a while - perfect for adding a glow to cheeks or dusting lightly with a brush anywhere you'd like an extra shimmer.

Taking it Off

This is the most annoying part of tanning - getting it off properly. After a few days, you'll notice the tan beginning to peel or patches beginning to emmerge. That means it's time to remove it. I like to give my skin a day or two to breathe before applying a new layer.
Here's the best products for removing:

 Above - St Tropez Remover Wipes and Removing Lotion. Below: Make Believe Polish Exfoliator
If all else fails, hop in the shower and while your body is still wet afterwards, get an old towel or brush and scrub - it comes off easier when a bit of water is applied and it's not as rough on the skin.  

This Summer I will be inspired to go for a full on golden glow a la Natasha Poly in the Gucci Campaign for this Spring/Summer - she looks gorgeous!

I've personally tried out a lot of the St Tropez range and I always come back to the mousse, which has a great colour - it's not orange, more like a subtle brown which is how it should be.

Happy tanning - and you  should probably avoid looking like the Roberto Cavalli Campaign if possible, it looks just slightly unnatural, especially in this one below:

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