Finding "The One"

For our younger readers, Formal and Prom fever is in the air. Some girls strive to make sure no other girl has the same dress on and others stay focused on one thing: looking good. An easy way to guarantee that you are the only one in your lovely attire, have your dress custom made, or if you're sewing-machine savvy, design it yourself! If those options are out of the question, try shopping early, that way you can be sure your dress wouldn't be on the racks anymore, plus you'd beat the chaotic dress hunting rush. Don't forget about the small boutiques, they have fabulous finds if you know where to go!

However, every person's goal is to look good. Boys, should you buy a tux, be sure to get it altered and fitted to your size, hardly anyone fits snugly into something off the rack. Girls, keep in mind that whatever looks good on the hanger or mannequin may look differently on you. Always try on your pieces, do not depend on a number or letter to determine whether or not you would look your best!

If you are curvy with big hips, look for pieces with heavier fabrics and make your clothes are not second skin tight. Try A-line skirts. For those of you who are busty, make sure you get a covered up fit and always wear tops that allow supportive straps. If you are petite, look for dresses and tops that would make you shapey. A bit on the shorter side? Find things that elongate your body, such as skinny jeans, V-neck tops, and pointed-toe shoes. Whatever your body type, never go for the baggy look; find things that will accentuate your waist or the smallest part of your body. Bringing all the attention to those areas will cast other problem areas you may feel like you have in shadows.

Your body is your blank canvas and you should never be afraid to dress it up or down. Experiment with pieces you never would have tried on before, maybe they'd open up your wardrobe horizons. Know what works best with your body type and always try things on before you commit to it!

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