Gemma Ward's Modelling Moment Over?


According to an anonymous source at Gemma Wards Modelling agency IMG, Gemma won't be making a comeback to modelling. Gemma told the media last year that she wasn't quitting modelling and planned to be back at some stage in 2010. However, the source said that while Gemma was out of modelling, she put on weight (30 or 40 pounds) and that coming back to modelling won't be so simple for her. Another source, this time coming from a high-ranking magazine said that once she stepped out looking "big" her image was ruined and her moment over:

"Once these pictures are out of her being big, her brand is diminished, at least as far as her agency and the mainstream fashion world goes. Gemma's torn. In the last few years [her weight gain] was very much her f*ck you to the industry. She's rebelling by putting on 30 or 40 pounds, so now going back isn't a straightforward option."
IMG also turned down a Harper's Bazaar shoot for Gemma after she had quit making it clear they don't think she's in the right shape to be modelling.

Gemma is currently exploring her options and is looking into a career in acting.

Gemma at the peak of her fame and Gemma in January 2009

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  1. oh my god how sad. I used to like this girl, she made clothes trendy and fun, it's a shame what she has done to her own career


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