Hair Trend: The Top Knot


The top knot was a big feature on the Spring/Summer catwalks - with a mix between fussy, detailed buns and sleek knots which were always placed at the top most point of the head.
The top knot  trend  can be translated for any look or for any occasion - just imagine a perfect twisty knot with an alluring cocktail dress - or dress it down for a day out shopping.

This trend was in an abundance of shows for Spring/Summer and each designer had their own twist on the look. 

At Fendi, the look was messy, with loose strands hanging off and a basic “just threw it up” style was on offer.

 Marc Jacobs matched his with painted faces and the look was sleek and slicked - perfection is a must for this style.

Yves Saint Laurent’s knots were decorated with a stack of bands - reaching from the hairline and even entwined into the bun.

Michael Kors has a simple classic twist bun which was at the back of each head in a smooth manner.

At Lanvin the hair was similar to the messy, thrown up style at Fendi but the hair had a rough, surfer texture.
Getting The Look: Toolkit

Depending on which catwalk inspired look you'd like to recreate - you'll need:
  • Hairspray
  • A good Comb
  • Hair pins and ties
For Lanvin's Look:
  • Surf Spray/ Texture enhancing spray
For Yves Saint Laurent Hair:
  • Gold & Black elasticated plastic hairbands (see photo above)

Begin with freshy washed hair. Depending on the style your goin for, begin creating the bun with comb in hand. If the look is slick, use hairspray to hold down the hair and keep everything perfectly in place - a la Marc Jacobs.

For the more textured looks - added texture spray and tie back the bun loosely. Now backcomb some strands from the bun to create a candyfloss, whispy texture.

Add accessories: At the Yves Saint Laurent show they used hairbands - and you can certainly get creative too - add decorative pins, bows or ribbons which are all big trends (especially the bows, as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs).

You can experiment with twisting the hair for a more packed in look or leave it loose and carefree for a casual hairdo.

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  1. this is a great trend,tried it out and it actually looked good. i was surprised. I tried the messy fendi bun, love the look so much!


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