Marc Jacobs Bans Celebs from Runway

 Most designers beg for celebrities to be adorned around their runway but not Mr. Jacobs.  He is quoted as saying "I'm not into the celebrity thing . . . like we used to. That's boring." His only exception was Lady Gaga last year who was also the performer for his after party. He revealed that one celebrity came in attendance who was not invited "One was Madonna. She came backstage, and I was like, 'What do you do with her now?' Because it's not like she was invited. She just called and said she was coming, and we weren't holding the show for her. She just came, and that was it. There are certain things I can't control." Can you imagine denying Madonna! I love it! I find is so ironic that Marc wants no celebrities since they are the only ones who get to wear most of his things. I think this is a brave move on his part but also I think Marc is at such a high level in the fashion world that he can do whatever he likes. If celebrities want to see Marc's show they are going to have to watch it online like the rest of us.


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