MFW: D&G Autumn/Winter 2010


The D&G boys caught the streaming bug and streamed this live via their facebook page.
The collection was one of the most cosiest yet - huge fur jackets, wooly jumpers and ski goggles took over the catwalk at this show. If you own one of those 80’s WHAM! Style sweaters- you’d better have it dry cleaned because this sweater style dominated the show.

I loved the big fur jackets and chunky knitted pieces, it was a bit like the guys sat down and asked themselves: What sums up winter clothing? - and then proceeded to make the cosiest, snuggest pieces perfect for cold weather.

There wasn’t a lack of dresses either - there was plenty of the usual D&G floor sweeping numbers, some with gorgeous print, as well as some pretty silk shorts, fur boots and wool headbands. All in all, it was a stunning collection with some beautiful winter investment pieces, like the fur coats which won’t go out of fashion for some time to come.



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  1. another gorgeous collection. It's nice to see Snejana back, she seemed to disappear for a while!

  2. nice collection! looks good for winter time.


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