MFW: Jil Sander Autumn/Winter 2010


Creative director Raf Simons described this collection as:
"Women who have a target, and go for it."
It had a distinct power lady feel to it - possibly inspired by the sharp creations that the likes of Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama put together. There was many matching twins sets and below the knee dresses, as well as quite masculine suits. I have to admit that I didn't find these particularly appealing, but I can agree that they would suit a women working her way up to the top, someone who has to look smart and sophisticated on a daily basis.

I did like some parts of this collection - like the jumpsuits which were very simply cut but I liked the black and white pattern which was applied to it. Although this was quite a toned down collection, with nothing particularly showy, there was some good elements of design on show, like Raf's great attention to the details which made some of the pieces stand out without being too overt.

The Jaeger Companys Shops Ltd.

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