MFW: Prada Autumn/Winter 2010


Miuccia Prada called this collection a return to classic pieces - claiming that she revisited designs from the 90s for inspiration and it’s quite clear to see. With simple tailoring and sleek lines, it is a truly classic collection, which I think will probably appeal to the people who actually buy Prada.

I however would rather not call it “classic” and prefer the word “boring”. It doesn’t revolutionize the way we dress or the way clothes are produced. If I wanted clothes direct from the 90’s I’d rummage around in vintage shops. That being said there was a few modern touches which provided some interest to the classic pieces - such as modernised collars, which were an interesting shape and added an extra dimension to the outfits.

I did like the beehive hair that all the models wore - and some of the patterned dresses were interesting. I know that many women will probably enjoy this “call back to classics” idea - in a recession, fashion often goes back to being understated rather then glamorous - but I’d rather live in the hope that we can continue to change the way we dress and continue to transform modern fashion.


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