Alexander McQueen: Ashes to be Scattered

It has been confirmed that Alexander McQueen's ashes will be scattered on the Isle of Skye. McQueen has told his family that he thought of Skye as his home, even though he was born in South London. The late fashion designer was extremely proud of his Scottish ancestry,  his father Ronald was born on the Isle of Skye and he will travel with Alexander's five other siblings, to the Island in the next few weeks to fulfill Alexander's desire.

Alexander often referenced his Scottish ancestry - most prominently in his 1995 collection named "Highland Rape"  which featured models in ripped and dishevelled tartan. His brother Michael said in an interview that Alexander had made it clear that the Isle of Skye would be his final resting place:

“He made it clear his wish was for his ashes to be scattered on Skye, where our family comes from originally, and we are going to honour that,” said McQueen’s brother Michael. “He had been there quite a few times over the years and felt a real connection to the place.

Alexander was back and forward all over the world, but he felt at home when he was in Scotland. He was so proud he could trace our family back to Skye and he wanted to return to the family home.Alexander’s Scottish roots were very, very close to his heart. When he received his CBE he insisted on wearing his kilt and full Highland dress.”
McQueen tragically took his own life at the peek of his career. He may be gone, but thanks to his startling, revolutionary designs - he will not be forgotten any time soon.


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