Balmain A/W Says No to Minimalism

Christophe Decarnin shunned the recent movement back to minimalism and went all out. Embellishment, power shoulders, gold, red, purple - there was nothing subtle about this extravagant collection. It was truly spectacular - from the gold trousers to the military jackets and the huge dyed fur coats. It was all in your face, luxurious and flamboyant. There was embellishment, fur and splashes of gold.

There was the hugely popular Balmain shoulder padded jackets, reinvented for the new Autumn season - teamed with leather eye-popping trousers and a gold coin belt. The amount of detail was astonishing and almost overwhelming - from fringe to buttons - there was abit of everything adding an extra flair to the pieces.

Decarnin seemed to have gathered inspiration from many sources from the collection - there was a touch of 70s with some tailored flares, and a call back to the 17th century with high-collared coats and some patterns inspired from that time period. It was all very Balmain - fans will be happy to see that there was no move to minimalism at this fashion house - everything is still over the top, over priced, but worth it for something so genuinely well put together that you’ll never find something so unique again.


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  1. amazing, thank god he said no to minimalism! :P


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