Beauty Find: Cheap & Cheerful

Sometimes expensive products aren't worth the money - no matter how many layers of fancy wrapping the product has! Here is my top cheap beauty finds - most are priced under €10.00 and have results similar to high-end products, so put away the purses and spill out the change jars - these are guilt free beauty buys which will leave a smile on your face!

Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner
I've only ever given Aussie shampoos/conditioners a go once, but must pick up a bottle again soon to try again. I remember the first use (which was years ago, but lingers on in my memory!) and the silky result it left after. Ok, so the package isn't exactly swanky, but the results are what counts!

Barry M Nail Paint
This is a great product - and thanks to its pocket friendly price, you can spring for any shade that your in the mood for. I've given this a go in a mint green shade (a la Chanel Jade of course) and although sometimes it needs a second coat to get the colour vibrant enough, it's more then worth it. Barry M always have good copies of IT nail varnishes, so it's easy to get fashion forward nails for a fraction of the price.
Pearl Drops - Whitening Toothpolish
This does what it says on the tin and after a period of usage, you will notice a difference - ok so it doesn't make them 100% like new, but light yellow will become a pale white, which is a pretty good result considering it's not hugely expensive and it's really easy to use. 

Garner Body Cocoon
I've been using a lot of this recently and it is some kind of amazing wonder potion - it always leaves my skin feeling really smooth and fresh, and it does an excellent job of thoroughly moisturizing your skin - why pay any more?!
   St. Ives Apricot Scrub
This is an old beauty secret and a definite classic. The scrub always does a good job of getting rid of dead skin and gives you a spa-like treatment straight from the tube. This leaves fresh, firm skin and is good for all skin types. 
Soap & Glory - Hand Food
This is another great product - the smell is delicious and will leave you smelling your hands after use! It also leaves a good soft feel and isn't too oily so you don't feel as though you need to wash your hands after.

 Original Source Shower Gel
This shower gel by Original Source smells great in the shower and does leaves your skin invigorated. I love the vast selection of fruity infused gels there is to choose from too - this is a great bargain that will leave you smelling gorgeous and feeling relaxed post shower.

Toni & Guy Heat Defense Spray
This is a life saver if your constantly blow-drying/straightening your hair - this leaves a good sheen on your hair and makes it feel smooth, without leaving your hair feeling heavy. This works just as well as a style finisher, or spritz it on wet locks after washing. 

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  1. Love all these things here. I am fan of apricot scrub
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