Fashion Exposed: Fur Real

Fashion Week is a popular protesting period for anti-fur protesters, and this season was no different. Paris Fashion Week - particularly the Jean Paul Gaultier show, had protesters standing their ground outside, holding anti-fur signs, trying to spread their anti-cruelty message. Anna Wintour strolled passed the protesters boldly, not batting a lash towards them, while toasty in her fur coat.

In the past, Peta protesters have often managed to make their way onto the catwalk mid show, some with signs, some naked - all desperately trying to convey their message and to gain publicity for their cause - and then they're dragged off the catwalk and thrown out of the show. In the first image, a woman took to the catwalk at the Christian Lacroix fall 2007/08 fashion show, jumping in-front of cameras with her sign "I'd rather go naked then wear fur" and it seems she took her sign literally too. 

Vogue Paris hit back at the protests in this editorial featuring Raquel Zimmermann, which was taken by Mario Testino and styled by Carine Roitfeld. The editorial's message is clear: fashion and fur go hand in hand, and they will not be fazed by PETA protesters who gain publicity by gatecrashing Fashion Week.

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue USA has also been targeted for her fur wearing - PETA staged the above protest, in which they dressed up as witches in Anna Wintour masks, with signs stating: "Anna Wintour - Fur Witch." 

Fur is often glamorized in editorials and on the catwalk, as well as this there are various celebrities who are known for wearing fur. Catherine Zeta Jones was recently named "Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2010". This Autumn/Winter, we also saw a huge surge in brave designers embracing fur, and it featured on many catwalks for the upcoming season. This will no doubt be met with both criticism and perhaps joy for fur lovers.

 Dsquared2 and D&G Autumn/Winter Collections

Fashion Week is an important event - not something which should be dampened by protesters. There is many other outlets for protesters to use in order to receive publicity and get their message out there. I believe that this is a personal issue - and PETA often push their boundaries further then they should. If someone wants to wear fur, they have the right to do so, just as anyone has the right not to wear fur if they're against it. Be it a celebrity, a designer or just an average person in a fur coat - they've already made their choice, and PETA should respect their personal opinion on the issue. 

 This is a matter of opinion and thankfully there is an increasing number of faux fur and faux leather products available for the person who's stuck in the middle of the fur whirlwind. 

PETA's message will always be clear, in your face and completely hard to ignore. It is a harsh message, tied to the kind of cruelty we often overlook or tend to ignore - but this is not just a fur issue -  it is also a huge issue in the way we keep and kill the food we eat - which can be even more cruel, inhuman and horrifying then the way Fur is often produced. 


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  1. Great post, As a fashion student strongly against fur i often are in two minds about certain designers using so much in their shows, i do see the attraction and it is no doubt a classic but faux fur is such a great alternative.Nice to see a post giving two sides of the argument.

  2. i do not understand why people still wear fur coats!! You can wear faux fur!! All these rare species die because arrogant people aren't bothered to wear faux fur. People can be very cruel.


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