Hair Trend: The Slick

Slicked back hair is an unlikely trend - this almost greasy, gooey look has been turned into a chic trend, which in turn looks grungy, edgy and somehow, wholly desirable. This hard to pull off style will take some experimenting if you want to get this look just right - this can go wrong, and fast if too much product is applied, or worse, it's not impeccably styled into a shape to show that you did in fact put in some thought into the style - you don't want to look like you just forgot to wash!

This slicked back look has been seen all over the catwalks for Spring/Summer - from Roberto Cavalli to Matthew Williamson - this gelled look was turned on it's head for Spring.
Some models had the whole head covered in a sticky substance, while others were sculpted to one side.

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2010

Some tips when trying out this look:

  • Invest in a tub on men's wax or gel and experiment with your chosen style. 
  • Try out the side slick, the fully slicked back - and then the more sculptured look. 
  • A side slick is a good alternative to the recent surge in side cuts - just slick back the hair instead of giving it the chop - you'll get the same effect without having to lose your hair.
  • Don't be afraid of masculine hair styles - like fully slicking your hair back. These can be balanced with a vibrant lipstick or a soft dress.
  • Try a gelled braid - keep some hair loose at the front of your head, creating an eye grazing fringe. Add gel to both the plait and the fringe for an all over wet look, as seen at Cavalli.
  • Avoid heavy gels and waxes, and make sure there's no noticeable lumps of gel - this is all about getting a wet look without being too obvious.
 This look, as seen on the Gucci catwalk is great for anyone with a shorter haircut - it's a particularly masculine look. Wear this style with a strongly defined parting, and to the side if possible.

Try out a sculptured look like this one seen at Marios Schwab - don't forget to straighten your hair to get a perfect shape, and you can even use straighters to add a kink like the one above into your hair before adding a layer of gel to keep it in place.


A side parting adds a feminine touch - go as far to the side as you can, and then add a slick of gel into a well defined parting. Keep ends tousled and slightly gelled for an all over look. This style was seen at Jonathan Saunders.

GIVENCHY for women

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