La Mer: Classics Are Never Out of Style

While fashion trends wain and styles go in and out, there is one staple that should always remain in your (bathroom) closet. La Mer moisturizer. Though a bit pricey (1 oz. of this magical elixir is $130) it is well worth the price.

 Formulated forty years ago by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber to erase scars from a previous laboratory accident, La Mer is known to erase imperfections in the skin. Produced from sea kelp and bio-fermentation, the cream "helps soothe, nourish, and renew the skin" as it encourages it to "focus on its natural repair." Skin is obviously important to one's appearance and La Mer is the perfect accessory for it.

One can find these products online or at large retailers. The salespeople are extremely knowledgeable and always open to giving samples (this is a great way to test the product before that check for $100 is written). The samples last a while and the jars even longer so use sparingly and your wallet will thank you.
Aiding skin woes for forty years, La Mer is sure to never go out of style.

Timetospa - Elemis, ltd

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