PFW: Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2010

It was clear that Jean Paul Gaultier took inspiration from costumes - and he had his usual fun piecing them together to look this way too. Asian and Russian influences could be felt, as well as some others, which gave a bit of a “costume’s from around the world, with a bite” kind of feel to the show. They were beautifully put together, clashing patterns, cute little socks, crazy hats - it was like a powerful mix of cultures.

The basic message behind this Gaultier show was that modern style is a mash of different clothing from different places and different periods - and that we should embrace this fact. The fur protestors stood outside for the duration of this show, hoping to change anyone who enjoys wearing fur. An emotionless Anna Wintour (who was clad in a long fur coat) passed without batting a lash.



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