PFW: John Galliano Autumn/Winter 2010


If you felt as though you’d seen it all before with John Galliano’s newest collection, it’s probably because you sort of have. This collection was similar to his last collection - and tied into it more then once. It had a similar “costumes of the world” vibe which has been seen at a few other shows over the weekend, including Jean Paul Gaultier - but of course, mixing costumes and time periods is what Galliano does best.

Similarly to the Gaultier show, behind the excitement of the show and the costume feel that the clothing had, there was some well put together clothes.The floaty gowns towards the end of the show were an example of this - scrape off the face paint and take off the mad bows, and suddenly you have an eccentric, beautifully designed dress.

Fashion seems to be moving away from this showy style of presentation on the catwalk - but it would be a great loss to the viewer if it died off completely - it’s what gives fashion an even greater artistic edge and Galliano always succeeds in showing this off.




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