PFW: Viktor & Rolf Autumn/Winter 2010

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren named this collection “Glamour Factory” and rightly so. The design duo put on a spectacle as they took to the runways themselves, dressing and undressing models right before the audience’s eyes - they would take a piece from one model, turn inside out/upside down and then pass it along for the next model to wear.

It was showing off the wearability and versatility of their clothing - and even when some of the looks appeared as if they were for artistic purposes only, Viktor and Rolf then took that artistic, sculptural vision, tore it apart and threw it on to the next model, who happened to be wearing an 80s themed outfit.

After the show, V&R commented on the display, by saying the following:

"This time around, we want to show that something can be both wearable and extreme at the same time. It goes beyond a mere idea; it is literally ready for production."

The show was as it always is with Viktor & Rolf - fresh, jaw dropping and exciting. Although the actual show might have overshadowed the clothing a tad, the clothing was well constructed - and I really loved the whole idea of versatility that they managed to display so well by appearing on the stage and deconstructing and rebuilding the looks themselves.


GIVENCHY for women

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