Topshop to Launch Makeup Line

Topshop, one of Britain's biggest high-street stores (and certainly the greatest) has plans to launch a new line of make-up, which will be available throughout their stores as well as online at - their online store. The first line of make-up will be for use at festivals - think compact, simple pieces that are hassle free - perfect for slicking on the morning after as a quick fix.

Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2010
 Topshop have always been innovative with their ideas. Recent years have seen the launch of Topshop Unique - a high-fashion take on the high street brand. The collections are always surprising - well designed, colourful and affordable - and they always manage to capture a youthful, vibrant mood.

Their make-up is set to be a similarly well put together venture -  Topshop plan to release regular make-up collections, containing basics and a good range of colour choices that will be selected depending on seasonal trends.

There will also be limited edition sets which will tie into the biggest cosmetic trends too - and assuming the makeup will be reasonably priced - these are bound to take off.

I look forward to getting a glimpse at the new range, and I will post photos of the upcoming festival themed collection once they're available, so check back for updates!

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  1. can't wait for these, sounds like it will be a good range!


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