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Jonny Johansson, the designer behind the label Acne has been deemed a fashion phenomenon. Jonny likes to run his business quietly - no big shows, no huge publicity stunts - but the label is booming. It's a models off duty favourite -  known most for their washed jeans, tough biker jackets and disheveled t-shirts that somehow has converted into something much bigger in practice.
Acne Autumn/Winter 2009

He manages to take all that is street cool, most prominently inspired by the street-wear of Stockholm, and turns it into something catwalk worthy. Starting off as just a jeans and t-shirts label, Acne has transformed into something else since its creation - from chunky knitwear to floor sweeping vest dresses and tailored suit jackets - Jonny's label is evolving at a startling rate, picking up bits and pieces from all around him that he has taken inspiration from as he moves forward.

Acne Spring/Summer 2010

Jonny has previously worked with Alber Elbaz and helped him to create the popular Lanvin denim line. He's currently showing his collections in London, and has done so since Fall 2009. He started his label in 1993, and named it Acne, an an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. When describing how he got inspired for his most recent collection for Autumn/Winter this year, Jonny says:
 "It started when I was sitting in the CafĂ© de Flore in Paris and thinking what to do," he said. "I looked over, saw an old guy, maybe in his seventies, hanging out, and his hands were covered in rings. So I started drawing." 

Acne Autumn/Winter 2010

It's clear to see that Jonny is embracing what is going on in the world of fashion. His Autumn/Winter collection honed in to fashion's current obsession with all things Sci-Fi, as models wore metallic face-paint and clothes indicative of what you'd expect in some sort of futuristic urban tribe, that is, if someone like Hanne Gaby Odiele lead said tribe.
What lies in the future for Acne? I can only see the label expanding into an even bigger success story, but it will always stay true to it's gritty street rules, which is what makes it such a refreshing label in the first place.

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