First Look: Versace's "Unique" Touchscreen Phone

Versace have just revealed their brand new touchscreen phone, which will be released in partnership with ModeLabs.

 The phone is named "Unique", and although we don't know exactly what the phone can do yet, we can see that it is very beautiful!The phone comes in several colours, a classic black and brown are available, as well as a bright purple and a lighter shade of purple too.

 The phone is decorated with the signature Versace medusa head at the back, which is printed in leather, and it also appears again at the front, as well as a simple "Versace" embossed at the back, located near the camera lense. This is definitely a fashion phone, that will be purchased purely for its aesthetically pleasing looks, but because of it's touchscreen interface, it will no doubt have a few nice technological perks too.

The phone will be released in June, and will be available to purchase in flagship Versace boutiques.
Check out the rest of the colours, and get more info on the new phones here on the official site.

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