From Combat to Classy

When someone thinks of cargo pants, camouflage, and, let’s face it, more cargo pants, they don’t necessarily think high fashion. Well, lucky for us, all of our favorite designers are rethinking the meaning of military chic. From runways all over the world, designers by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu are tapping into their inner soldiers to deliver classic, modern pieces inspired by military styles.
The best thing about this look? It can be achieved with one piece. Be it an army style jacket (a la Michael Jackson) or a pair of combat boots, this look is wearable and classy. Take for example the military jacket from Marc Jacobs:

The jacket is the main piece with the skirt adding volume in a romantic, whimsical way. The peak of a light shirt underneath, simple silver thong sandals and a brown messenger type bag completes it. So simple and at the same time, completely different. Thank you, Marc Jacobs.
Or take this look from Balmain:

This whole look screams military. Big shouldered green jacket, a green comfy shirt with holes, and combat boots. The boots look amazing here. They're so versatile and can be worn with a straight-forward army style outfit here or with various other outfits. Think skinny jeans, mini skirts, and rolled boyfriend jeans. You don't need to go over the top to obtain this look. It's easy and simple with one piece be it a jacket, boots, or even, yes, cargo pants. Anyone can pull this look off so don't be afraid to embrace it!
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