Pretty, Skinny Boys with Tattoos

I don't know about you but I'm a massive fan of the 'new look' for male models! Excluding Mr Klein's obsession with androgynous models of course, over the past few years male models' muscles have been shrinking and a new breed of scrawny, tattoo ridden male models have emerged!
   For those of you who haven't already come across Select Model Management's latest secret weapon - let me introduce you to  

Ash Stymest

   At the age of just 17, Ash was scouted and thereafter thrown into the magical world of modelling, (lucky boy!) My eyes first fell upon Ash in a Super Super Magazine fashion spread...and it's been difficult to look away ever since! I would love to scan the images from Super Super and post them on here to show you but the truth is - they're up on my bedroom wall!

   What stands out most about Ash Stymest is his quirky and unique look which brings personality to all of his photographs, and despite his girly features and skinny physique, his tattoos give him a 'bad boy' appeal!

Here are some photos of Ash for you to enjoy - 

ID magazine November 2008

 Vogue Italia February 2009

Anthem Magazine S/S 2009

Man About Town S/S 2009

Russh September 2009

Huge Magazine October 2009

The ones 2 watch April 2010

Other androgynous tattoo ridden male models to look out for - 
Josh Beech 

Cole Mohr

What are your views on this look for male models?

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  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2010

    i personally think they look far too young and disagree that they are unique or quirky, they are the same breed of young man that seems to have followed recent trend with tattoos and a taste for screamy music, not original remotely

  2. Each to their own, thanks for the comment though! :)

  3. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    i agree with you, comparing looks from past to present this particular look hasn't been done before. I found this very interesting well done


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