Ieva Laguna & Tony Ward : Russh Magazine Australia June/July 2010

The world's romance seems to culminate in this passionate and seductive pictorial about an artist and his muse. Starring an up and coming Latvian stunner, Ieva Laguna, and "antimodel" Tony Ward, these pictures are a collision of lust and art. 
The concept and construction is a thought provoking display of how fashion is a form of expression, and a display of moods. This is beyond just photographs, it is a way of life. The photographer, Will Davidson has mixed passion with an outside look into a relationship dominated by strong personality and extreme reactions. If there is a better way of showing clothes and telling a story in such a gifted way I want to see it!

Models: Ieva Laguna, Tony Ward
Photography: Will Davidson
Photos from: Russh Magazine Australia June/July 2010 
Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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