Naeem Khan Resort 2011: Glamorous Eveningwear

Naeem Khan's latest collection introduced glamorous evening looks, with a floral flair adding a unique twist on eveningwear. Aside from floral patterns, tulle, beading, and pops of insane color made these gowns stand out.
A few eye-catching pieces: The nude, beaded top, with the red long sheer train, and the similar yellow-trained dress with the sleeveless daisy corset top. For a more muted look, try the sheer black knee-length dress with tulle bottom, or the longer version.

While the Naeem Khan is known for amazing dresses, there were a few simplistic pieces found, such as cotton tanks and dresses. However, they aren't exactly casual with the sequined stripes and beading. Even Khan's take on pants is intricate with vertical sequined stripes running down the legs - the beading, toule, sequins scream glamour. You will be sure to know which piece is Naeem Khan with the fine detail in every stitch.

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