Trend: Neon Brights

As summer is soon to be in full swing, and the drab days of winter are long gone, a new trend reminiscent of 80's glamor has hit the runways with force. Neon colors have been spotted everywhere, from D&G to Prada, and the blinding brights are here to stay.

Blumarine, D&G, La Perla, Burberry Prorsum

While the concept of neon is sure to shock some, the versatility of these colors offers a wide rage of ways to rock the trend. While a full-blown outfit which resembles a highlighter is often times hard to pull off, mixing the crazy colors with neutrals offers a pop of refreshing change which is sure to spice up your summer wardrobe. Jill Sander offers a perfect example below, mixing her neon brights with a subtly printed top, and neutral belt.

Burberry Prorsum, Missoni, Prada, Jill Sander

And if covering a large portion of yourself in day brights is just something to work up to, look no farther than eye-catching accessories, with some of the best by Marc Jacobs.

Whether you're a neon fanatic or a closeted fan of brights, fear not: with a multitude of options sure to settle your neon fancy, this blinding trend is sure to stick around.

PreenLine Lace Cutout Dress
Alexander McQueen Heart Peep-toe Pumps


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