Basso & Brooke Design Al Fresco Dining Set

 British design duo Basso & Brooke, most famous for their colourful digital prints, have teamed up with Turning Leaf to create an Al Fresco Dining Set. The vibrant set, which is in other words an array of picnic baskets, features silk blankets and cushions, and everything else you need for the most fashionable al fresco dining experience you could wish for.

 The limited edition set also comes with two limited edition bottles of wine provided by Turning Leaf which have also been designed by Basso & Brooke. The floral packaging is made up of Basso & Brooke's usual design signature - a bright, multi-coloured digital pattern.

Basso & Brooke released the following statement about the collaboration via their own blog:

“People have pointed out to us that wine and fashion don’t immediately feel like natural partners. Initially that might seem to be the case–as fashion has greater visual emphasis than wine. But through our collaboration with Turning Leaf we’ve noticed that they share some vital qualities, beyond the fact that both revolve around the changing seasons.”

The set is available to purchase exclusively at Bluebird on King’s Road in London.

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