Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010: The Bouquet

 The most extravagant bouquet of flowers much have inspired Galliano for this season’s Couture collection for Christian Dior. The idea for the collection was simple, yet so excellently refined that it simply astonished on arrival. The whole show was bursting with a plethora of floral inspired colours - from the palest of roses to the deepest, violet tulips - it was evident that Galliano had studied them all when composing the collection. Not just for the vibrant colours, but even for the floral inspired silhouettes - each dress appeared to be petal-like and delicate.

It was like looking through a microscope of all that is ruggedly beautiful in nature - each piece of clothing looked like it was weaved from the inside of the world’s most brilliant flower. The billowing dresses and coats were ornately smothered in a natural richness, it all seemed raw, until you reached the head on the model and she teetered forward in the plastic headpiece. Galliano achieved something immense and reiterated the message that not only is Couture still very much alive, but that it can blossom into something even bigger.

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