Diesel "Be Stupid" Campaign Banned in UK

 In what can only be described as an ironic move, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority have banned Diesel's "Be Stupid" Campaign, which shows a select of models doing, well, stupid things. The advertisements are accompanied with slightly brassy slogans such as "Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls".

 The ASA say that the reason behind the ban is because they could be seen my children and encourage bad behaviour.

Diesel claim that the ads aren't offensive, stating that the same amount of nudity can be seen in other advertisements:

"did not contain any provocative nudity beyond the usual amounts shown in many swimwear, sportswear or lingerie ads."
I think this could be encouraging for children, but at the same time, it is just supposed to be a fun campaign - either way, this controversial campaign has taking it's own advice from the beginning.


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