Fashion Exposed: The Baby Food Diet

 As the name suggests, The Baby Food Diet is a current dieting fad which involves eating baby food instead of regular food. Why would anyone eat baby food? Mostly because baby food portions are much smaller, so you eat less. The food is also easier to digest then regular food thanks to its mush like consistency. Instead of eating dinner for example, you'd eat one jar of baby food instead.
The Baby Food Diet has received a lot of praise from slimming down celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Madonna - these celebrities may have used it for a short period of time to lose a quick pound or two, but the Baby Food Diet is also dangerous.
Abbey Lee just before fainting at Alexander McQueen
The main problem with the fad diet is that the portions are generally not enough to sustain a fully grown adult, which can lead to weakness and tiredness, as well as many other health risks, such as slow healing. 

It has been reported by Famous magazine that Abbey Lee Kershaw in using the Baby Food Diet in order to keep her figure. The magazine managed to obtain photos of the models consuming what appears to be a baby food product. Some sources are saying that the diet is why Abbey Lee fainted at an Alexander McQueen show some seasons ago, while she cited the tight corset as the reason behind the faint.

If Abbey Lee is really participating in the diet, which looks apparent from the photos (although she may be using them as healthy snacks) then it's possible that many other models are secretly taking part in the potentially dangerous fad diet too. 
Hopefully those who give the diet a go will have the good sense to eat healthy, normal food after taking part in the diet for a short period of time - as they say, health before wealth.

Below is Famous Magazine's piece on the diet, click to enlarge the scans (TFS)

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