Francisco Costa Talks Lara Stone

 Francisco Costa, the creative director at Calvin Klein explains why he chose Lara Stone to be the new face of the label. Costa states that he wants Calvin Klein to have a real appeal - and he's hoping that Lara's curvaceous figure might better represent the real women who actually buy Calvin Klein clothing.

Costa told Vogue:

"Calvin Klein originally started the whole waif moment and not much has been done since then, my clothes look better on a more diverse casting - to represent the women who actually buy them. They can be 35 or 25 but they need to be worn on intelligent, experienced women. [Our decision to use older models] was very natural. We have succeeded so far and we hope to continue with that."

Lara Stone's popularity is growing for this reason, but are models really supposed to represent what's realistic anyway? and does Lara really represent a real woman? Well, it might just be her more womanly figure that's made her a breath of fresh air - that teamed with her vivacious, gap toothed smile - it's because her unique features make her not flawed, but irreplaceable.

Costa explains Lara's appeal:

"Lara was our exclusive four years ago, we've never had someone who really represented our houses and all our licensees in the same way. She is very current, very beautiful and very womanly. It's time for that persona and for that body. She's divine, gorgeous and we will support her in that."

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