Armani Privé F/W 10.11 Haute Couture

Armani Privé F/W 10.11 Paris in a word: Luxurious. Creams, dark browns, soft palates and beautiful blondes!The tailoring is immaculate as usual, with classic womanly cuts. Pencil skirts and slim satin pants in flattering colours make it just oh so Giorgio.
 How can things be bad when you have Karlie Kloss and Carmen Kass walking for you? Until you get to the gowns it's quite chic daywear, maybe leaning towards a more conservative demographic, but individual pieces are just so feminine and opulent. 

Unfortunately though, there is a huge downside, where is the haute? It's slightly too much daywear and not enough of the spark you need to make it couture. Couture is supposed to say "you can want me, but only from afar, I'm a piece of luxurious art that you just cannot afford" and while we probably can't afford it, do we want to? There is no disputing it is wonderfully made, incredibly cohesive as a collection but we don't need to see that at an extravaganza of fashion.

For the past 4-5 seasons Armani has been so strong, I was waiting almost too impatiently to see these pieces and maybe that's where I got left down.  The thing is though, it may have left a few of us down but it built up to some amazingly structured gowns with tips to Balmain, Stella McCartney and Chloé, and they may have set our expectations too high with such colourful and extravagant previous shows. It's a matter of preference, I'd urge you to see for yourselves!

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