Stella McCartney's Glow in The Dark Running Set

Stella McCartney has been teaming up with Adidas for quite some time now, honing in on the popularity of fitness techniques such as yoga, and now, Stella is launching a glow in the dark running set as part of her collaboration with the company for Fall/Winter.

This is an genuinely brilliant idea - how many women are put off running in the evening by the meer throught of donning a visy vest? This makes the thought of getting active actually appealing, as well as safe for the runner. Stella said about the idea:

"Running is one of our most popular categories and for me to make it have its own point of view is really key, I think that we did it this season in a direct way by looking at glow-in-the-dark. When you are running in an urban environment, you need to feel safe, when people can see you coming and stand out, especially in winter when it gets dark earlier. But at the same time we used it on a leopard print, so it's not so masculine and graphic."

The full running set includes matching shorts and running jacket - both in a toned down navy colour which is speckled with the glow in the dark green leopard print - and a pair of trainers which are a mix of purple, green and yellow colours. Although still sporty, the leopard print is a fashionable relief to the running outfit, and makes it much more appealing to the fashion conscious jogger.

Stella comments on the rest of the line, and her inspiration for it:

"For me, this season Wintersports has got great attitude, it's very bold; some of the fleecy pieces are quite edgy, the Wintersports slim pants and tight jackets are very figure-hugging, they look really stylish, and it's important to be a stylish skier because it's one of the few sports where you can take fashion to the slopes and it can translate well."

Check out the running set below, and to get kitted out in Stella's Wintersports inspired pieces.

Jacket, £125

Shorts, £45

Shoes, £80

Stella's glow in the dark running set, as modeled by Magdalena Frackowiak

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