Up-and-Coming: Mandy Coon

New York based designer, Mandy Coon, is on the radar in the fashion world. However, designing clothes wasn't her first calling. As an established DJ, she found her way from scratching on a turntable to dabbling on the sewing machine.

While it may have been a quick switch in careers, due to a strong fan base, it was not a sudden change in passions. She has been a lover of fashion since a young age when her mother turned her on to vintage couture. Also, Coon has been in the modeling industry for quite some time, so it's no wonder she has a knowledge of what pieces compliment a woman's body.

The neutral pieces found in her Fall/Winter collection are anything but mundane, due to the rich fabrics. The collection is full of pleather, velvet, knit material, sheer fabrics, silks, and delicate roping. Sticking to blacks and nude colors, the texture is what stands out, along with the edgy designs. Among these designs are hooded dresses and silk ruched leggings, along with an a-symmetrical, skin tight, pleather dress. The collection is has elements of goth and vampire, with a bit of 80's in the cropped tailored jackets.

Don't expect to find Coon in such extravagant pieces. She finds comfort and style in over-sized tees and leggings, but she does stick to her favorite neutrals. We don't mind if she reps the styles, just as long as she creates them.

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