Where are all the Models?

Fashion industry personnel consists of models, designers, photographers, MUAs, stylists, PR agents, buyers, and of course boutique owners. There are others to add to this list (some of whom like creative directors are some times combinations of other personnel), but one name that I would not add to the list is actress/actor or music artists. These are clients of the industry, and yet we find that magazines as well as brands, especially of the American variety employ these people, instead of people within the industry.

My magazine subscriptions include Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, W, Interview, Esquire, and Interview. As I look back through the issues faces like Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Eva Mendes, Blake Lively and Megan Fox stare back at me. It is rare for me to find a major US fashion publication with names like Agyness Deyn, Chanel Iman, Laura Stone, and Lily Donaldson. This should not be the case. If these publications are supposed to be actual fashion publications, we should employ those working in our own industry.

America is fascinated with this sense of celebrity and magazine editors understand this. They understand that you put a celebrity on the cover and the general populous becomes intrigued and wants the cover. The flip side of that is that these publications are for lovers of fashion, and we must go elsewhere to get unapologetic fashion. We want to see garments portrayed beautifully by models who work at their craft. We want someone who knows that if she tilts her head this way or positions her hand just so the piece will find the light and come alive before the lens, and while some of the Hollywood crowd can do this, most of them don't have the patience. This isn't their love.

The fashion industry is riddled with problems, and things that we have to figure out as the future progresses. One thing that may be good for the industry as a whole though, is to learn to support our own. Support those who constantly watch their weight and figures in order to fit into a size 2 sample dress which you have now decided to not even use in an attempt at brand recognition with a celebrity.

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