2011, the Age of Androgyny

 The first image you expect to see strutting down a male catwalk tends to be the suit or perhaps a different shirt showcasing a slight change of cut; however regarding European fashion, it gets a little more interesting for 2011. 

The Milan Men's Spring/Summer Fashion Week presented very unlikely trends and come-backs; audiences are familiar with the dazzling variety within the female catwalks, but this time it's the men who are given a chance to blossom. Therefore, with the beauty of innovation and individuality, Milan has broken rules and formed new ones for men's fashion, and has consequently delved into the world of exploration and freedom in male dress.

Male models have been seen strutting down the runway in 'meggins' (male leggings), 'monokinis' (bikinis for men), male necklaces, lace materials and even crop-tops for men. With a collection of high-end designers producing their own version of these unusual trends, there is no denying that feminine influenced clothing will soon be seen in the high-street stores.

With Emporio Armani designing 'meggins' and 'monokinis', Dolce and Gabbana has also flaunted their own floral prints for the 2011 Spring shows. In true Vivienne Westwood style, she has created some big and bold chunky pendants for the 2011 Versace Men's Runway; whilst the King of underwear, Calvin Klein, presents us with his version of the male crop-top as designed by Italo Zucchelli.

I truly feel that it is extremely refreshing and satisfying to see these tantalizing and delectable trends beaming off the 2011 male catwalks. For far too long now we have seen shirt after shirt, tie after tie trickling down the runway; at last we are able to indulge in the outrageous and delicious nature of modern male fashion.

However, the fact that men are now beginning to dress much like their female counterparts, it does spark the wonder of whether androgyny is now in-vogue. The majority of high-fashion male models sport feminine facial features and a slight body shape; long gone are the days when masculinity was crucial! 

We are now welcoming the metro-sexual style and waving goodbye to macho superiority; as men and women almost merge in fashion, are we finally becoming equals? Or do we need that clear gender separation to return to the runway? Regardless of who is for or against this future androgynous craze, it looks like men will soon be strolling along the beach in an Armani 'monokini' teamed with a chunky pendant, courtesy of Vivienne Westwood. 

Well, I never could resist a little imagination and originality in fashion, therefore I will celebrate this trend and encourage men to put away their suit jackets and slip on a floral tee or some ludicrously lacy bottoms.

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