Borrow from your Boyfriend for Fall 2010

At last, that long wait for the trend that expresses comfort over painful endurance, has finally been delivered to the runway. Following the minimalist motion for Autumn, the upcoming season is now declaring masculine cloth will be en-vogue for women. The boyfriend jean has forever been within the denim family and although designers have indulged further into this trend for fall 2010, fashion has been lapping up the realm of menswear since the last two decades; with garments such as creased trousers and fitted blazers. This attire is a statement for the woman who yearns to be taken seriously. So this season, fashion has taken those staples and let them flourish in the limelight, as apparel for women takes a further leap into the world of man.

Menswear inspired suiting has been sprinkled all over the catwalk recently, from tailored jackets to cropped trousers, its time to project our inner masculinity in dress. Dolce & Gabbana have pinched the essence of male dressing and have created a tailored, double breasted suit blazer, teamed with a lace skirt to form the perfect harmony of feminine and masculine attire.

Dolce & Gabbana suit

Givenchy have also produced a menswear inspired look for women, with a crisp-cut cropped trouser accompanying an elongated nude blazer, emphasizing a light and fresh look in the midst of black and grey suiting.

Givenchy suit

A personal favourite has to be Hermes' ambrosial take on the trend; the powder blue colour combined with the woolen material and black accessories composes a refreshing adoption of the menswear for women craze. The loosely fitting coat paired with a classic bowler hat ironically characterizes the modern trend with a hint of 1940s sophistication.

Hermes suit

Designers including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Chloe are all supporting the trend with their own defined adaptations.

Marc Jacobs suit

Stella McCartney suit

Alexander Wang suit

Calvin Klein suit

Chloe suit

A woman that is notoriously known for her taste in male fashion is Alexa Chung; her unconventional menswear look never fails to turn heads. Whilst actress and singer-songwriter, Charlotte Gainsbourg illustrates her effortlessly cool, masculine choice in cloth; urban, sophisticated and a little soft in the right ways, she nails that harmonious male/female fashion combination. And of course, not forgetting French actress, Clemence Poesy's preppy menswear look. This evidently shows that the borrowing from your boyfriend wardrobe is greatly versatile and can give you an array of different looks from smart and chic to urban and preppy.

Alexa Chung

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Clemence Poesy

However, the thought has come to surface; is this modern trend a subtle scorn at 1940's sexism? In certain lights, putting a smart suit on and slicking our hair back may possibly be a way of expressing the power of the female sex, whilst delicately satirizing that 'man's world' philosophy. Consequently, this simply proves that fashion is not just the clothes we wear on our backs; it is a statement of personality and power.

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