Chic on the Street: Models Street Style

Models street style: an eclectic mix of designers - from underground labels to some of the world's most famous design houses - these girls know how to clash pattern on pattern, stripe on stripe for some of the most amazing mixture of style. Each girl gives their look an individual twist - be it a vintage pair of shoes, a quirky hat or a customized t-shirt, they know the key to being noticed is to stand out from the crowd. Here is a look at some of these stylish models and their personalized looks.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Amanda Norgaard

Angelique 'Ajak' Deng

Anna Selezneva

Astrid Traung

Bettine MCabe

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Dree Hemingway

Frida Gustavsson

Karlie Kloss

Kasia Struss and Jac Jagaciak

Katie Fogarty

Marike Le Roux

Sasha Pivovarova

Sofia Fisher

Sun Feifei

Veronika Pospisilova

Vlada Roslyakova

Yasmina Muratovich

Yulia Lobova

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