Fall Beauty: Guerlain - Ecrin 6 couleurs

 Guerlain's fall/winter makeup collection includes 5 different eyeshadow palettes, each carrying 6 eye-shadows. While the eye-shadows look quite simplistic, the packaging in itself is a marvel, as designed by India Mahdavi. The metal box might explain the price, but the cut-out lattice effect makes it an unrivaled  palette for good looks, and it seems to be smothered in that warm feeling that is luxury, which normally comes hand in hand with the feeling of solid, decorated metal.

The eye-shadows might seem to be quite simple in appearance, apart from the Guerlain engraved logo that is, but they have changed up the formula - these eye-shadows feature moonshine, which reflects a silvery blue light, and makes for a crisp, coherent colour. The price is steep at €51.00 for one palette, but the design in itself makes it worth a splurge - the eye-shadow is just a bonus! Check out a preview of the 5 different palettes available, as well as some close-ups of the design itself below.



Rue des Francs Bourgeois



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