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Not only is Margherita Missoni an effortless Italian beauty - she's also lined up to inherit a dream job: working as the Creative Director of Missoni. Rumours just in state that Margherita may be taking over from her mother Angela within the next two years. Angela Missoni has been Creative Director since her mother, Rosita passed along the family business in 1996. Angela made the following statement recently:

"I was on a bus yesterday and I thought for the first time there are so many things I want to do with my life and whenever Margherita feels ready I'd let her take over. Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe Theresa will run things or perhaps my nephew or my son. Margherita has this incredible passion for the business and for fashion though — she would be excellent."

She continues:

"When I look at my mother I realise what a big weight I took off her shoulders — she was beginning to get tired of the six-month judgment. To be in fashion you need to be young and passionate and have the strength to fight against commercialism. As a daughter I gave the best gift to my mother and I'm proud of that."

Margherita has proved herself style savvy, at least when it comes to making her own fashion choices. Normally seen wearing a mix of Missoni and her signature headbands - her effortless style has gotten her noticed, and soon, I'm sure her design skills will do the same for her. As it stands, she is the future of Missoni, and the future looks bright with her fresh, young fashion outlook. Here is a look at Margherita's flawless Italian style.

Margherita Missoni and Jack McCollough.

Margherita Missoni and Tatiana Santo Domingo

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