J'adore Paris

I can't help but wonder, has 'city' fashion forever been competing in a subtle war? The battle for the highest reputation? Well from what has been seen sashaying down the runways evinces variety in the opposition; each city has their own niche. 

 New York says: "Ease and relaxed glamour for fall 2010, that quintessential American sportswear wardrobe; but the clothes will not be fussy or prim (that's what the French do!)" - Micheal Kors. London screams outlandish eccentricity; whilst Milan will be pushing that overtly sexual finesse this Autumn.

Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2010
However, above all other fashion forward regions, Parisians never fail to triumph with their flawless elegance and stylish nature. It retreats all the way back to the era of Coco Channel, the Queen of chic. Founded in 1910, there was simply a small shop selling head wear, however it was relocated within a year and named the House of Chanel.

Coco Chanel

Known for her androgynous designs, she revolutionized haute couture by replacing the traditional corset with the comfort and casual appearance of the woman's suit; not forgetting her infamous little black dresses! Coco Chanel transformed the face of fashion; she dared to break the boundaries of female cloth, and resulted in introducing a more sultry and seductive definition of 'sexy'. So with this dame of style, the backbone to Parisian elegance, how can any other city even dare to compare!?

As if Chanel wasn't competition enough, the gorgeously glamorous Brigitte Bardot is another inspiration to add to the list; young, desirable and carefree, she dressed up with a harmonious blend of French chic, class and sex appeal. She was a sensation during the 1950's and 60's; and consequently became a fashion icon in France and internationally. 

Brigitte Bardot

But Bardot's fashion influence did not stop after her heyday, in fact, it has been bubbling away below the surface with women all over the world; even Kate Moss began channeling Bardot's look over the years.

With both these vintage goddesses sporting the divinity of French fashion, it would have been an impossibility for such natural elegance and style to escape future Parisians. Therefore it's safe to say that the French may remain at the capital of fashion for a while yet, as they have the greats of the past to guide them to the future of cloth! However, although Paris may be number one, I have a slight inkling that our very own London may soon crawl past all the Channel's and Bardot's that walk the Parisian boulevard.

Marching through the streets of London, with the herds of rushing crowds, the readings of the Evening Standard on the tube, or the hurry to grab that morning Starbucks americano; with all the beautiful mayhem of London, does anyone stop to simply stare at the endearing charm of its variety? From mohawk haired punks, to the stunningly eye-catching models, to vintage inspired characters, to those shabby-chic lads sporting a trilby hat and ripped jeans; will London be the future of excitable fashion?

That delicious magic that floats around London, allows designers much like Westwood and the former Mcqueen, to dazzle into the unexpected and delve into the world of the weird and wonderful.

Consequently, although I have fallen in love with the undeniable aura that breathes out of those endlessly stylish Parisians, i do however, know where my heart lies. In that enchanted and unusual little world where all is possible, and the desire to be different is larger than all others..it is of course the darling City of London.

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