Olga Sherer for Vogue Portugal September

With eyes covered in sultry dark eyeshadow, Olga Sherer shows off a range of bold, dramatic looks for Vogue Portugal's September issue. Olga models a selection of Portuguese designers, as styled by Paulo Macedo. The clothing ranges from textured to sculptural, and glamorous - all of which is captured by Bojana Tatarska in this spread named A Nossa Sele├žao.

Model: Olga Sherer
Photography: Bojana Tatarska
Styled by: Paulo Macedo
Photos from: Vogue Portugal September 2010

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  1. These clothes are amazing! I`m just sorry that the model is so skinny, that really takes my focuse off the spectacular outfits.. Most of these clothes would in theory look good on a thinner person, but this poor girl just looks like she could use some food!

  2. It's actually creepy looking. She looks like an upturned locust. No-one really wants this anymore and they're still using these horror show bodies.
    The poor woman looks wretched and ill but you can be guaranteed that if she put up a few pounds she'd work less to not at all.


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