Plus Size on the Rise

Research shows that approximately a quarter of British women are now size 18 or above; a fact that highlights the seriousness of Britain's obesity crisis. The market for plus-size clothing has almost doubled in the last five years causing even designers to get involved with the plus-size market. Marc Jacobs for example is set to be the first ever high fashion designer to create a clothing line solely for plus sized women, see full article here.

Before now, women larger than a size 14 have been neglected by major brands and designer labels, but due to the rapid spread of obesity throughout Britain, is it now time for designers to embrace the old saying 'big is beautiful'?

 Beth Ditto, Love Magazine

The scary fact is that in future years to come the impact of obesity upon our fashion industry is likely to become more dramatic, with over 2.3 million children estimated to be overweight or obese. But if it's okay to make clothes for a size 0 shouldn't that make it okay to cater for a size 16?

Fashion is a form of expression, and shouldn't everyone have a chance to express themselves, no matter what size?

Whitney Thompson, plus-size model & winner of Americas next top model in 2008

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  1. Thank you for this post! After the Facebook post of the young lady's Lookbook profile, I was not sure of where Front Row View stood on this topic.
    Hear hear: "Fashion is a form of expression, and shouldn't everyone have a chance to express themselves, no matter what size?"
    Because a person is a size 16 cannot be, or should not be viewed as obese any more than a size 00 individual being looked upon as an eating disorder. Discriminatory, judgmental viewpoints are pretty much based on ignorance and prejudices.

  2. "a person is a size 16 cannot be, or should not be viewed as obese any more than a size 00 individual being looked upon as an eating disorder." - that's not true.

    Someone who is size 16 is likely to be categorized as obese with regards to BMI, it's not anything to do with judging someone as obese, it's just how different weights are classed - the word obese just has a stigma attached to it, so yes, being a size 16 does generally make someone obese within the standard scale, but it's possible to be size 0 and be classified as reasonably healthy at least with regards to BMI calculation, depending on height and other factors.

    If I posted a photo of someone smoking a cigarette, there would be so many comments saying "this is horrible for your health, a bad lifestyle choice", but no one says that about people who are overweight, when in fact, they are putting their lives at a similar risk by carrying extra fat, that's just fact, not ignorance. I'm not saying that everyone should be size 0, but I believe that health is one of the most important things we have, and being overweight puts that in jeopardy.

    I have nothing against anyone, of any size, wearing expressive clothes, and I posted that link on facebook because it stood out to me, because she was quite fearless and confident which was admirable.

  3. I hear where you're coming from. I think you have a great space on the world wide here and apologies for coming across so strongly opinionated. The whole topic of size and it's perception was being discussed over the weekend on multiple sites, and the surge of emotion was still strong on my mind. I've thought about it ever since I saw that on your wall. I just feel there's an unnecessary unfairness to it all.

    I understand that there is a clinical definition for the word "obese." Health is key, I agree. When someone, a stranger, has puts her picture out there for the world to see, how does anyone know she's not dealing with a health issue causing her to be a certain weight? Who's to say she does not have thyroid problem or some type of health related illness? How do we know that she's not super tall (would that change the BMI?) I don't know her and not sure anyone else with a comment did either. The "judgement" I was really trying to express was that no one knows her story to ridicule her. Her weight is her issue. How should it apply to you or to me or to anyone else?

    As a online community, specifically a fashion/style community, I guess it was the using of her Lookbook pic; asking, "What do we all think of this?"; and the initial negative comments. I had thought it was her outfit initially until the other comments came through. I don't know if she was asked prior to the pic being used, nor if she herself agreed to having herself being used to make some sort of point on a Facebook page. Whether it was her outfit or size or fearlessness wasn't made clear and left her open for attack. I didn't hear the applause from Front Row View.
    Something didn't sit right with me, so I spoke up. There is a lot about the specific situation I do not know the details too. Kindness and compassion for a stranger is highly underrated on the internet. *insert sheepish grin* Thanks.

  4. I don't agree with anything over size 16, but nor do I agree with anything under size 6 (UK) unless of course you're just a really tiny boned small girl and I suppose the same could be said for very hippy girls, but there is a difference between having no fat and having too much fat.
    I think size 8-12 is generally the healthiest, with the exception that some women have naturally larger hip BONES. I do feel that the increase in plus size clothing is promoting obesity as women feel more confident being larger, which I hate to say and make anyone feel bad but they shouldn't for the pure sake of their health! Being too thin and too large is not healthy.

    I suppose it is a tricky situation and its hard not to offend atleast someone.

  5. Also, I think there is a huge difference between carrying a little extra weight and being obese, even though two people of the same size could fit into completely different categories.

    Someone who is carrying a little extra weight, to me, is someone who isn't a health fanatic (usually, although there is always the exception to the rule) but isn't ridiculously unhealthy and happens to be that size due to perhaps natural frame size, etc. Someone who is obese is someone who eats rubbish all the time and doesn't exercise at all.

    And of course someone can say "Im obese because I'm depressed or have a problem" which may be the case, but I think theres a fine line between preventable weight and inevitable weight.

    Sorry to offend anyone, its just the way I feel <3


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