SFW: Filippa K Spring/Summer 2011

At Stockholm Fashion Week which is held this week, label Filippa K fused citrus yellow shades with cool camels to great effect. The Swedish label showed a mixture of casual, minimalist styles - belted, floaty jackets with bell sleeves and no lapels, crisp white t-shirts and blouses, and laidback yet loosely tailored trousers set the overall look for this collection.

Some have commented that this approach may be overall a step too close to being too simple, which might be true, but it’s also a seamlessly chic, casual collection, and there is something about the perfected art of the slouchy yet structured tailored trouser that makes this worthwhile. The pop of mouth-watering yellow provides some colour relief on what would have otherwise been a slightly too dull palette.

There is a quiet elegance to this collection - it might not have had 50’s style skirts or graphic prints, but it might be this lack of drama which draws you eye to the finer finishing details - a yellow bracelet here, or a slight slit there, even the mushroom coloured nails fail to go unnoticed - this collection is an ode to each stitch that makes it appear seamless.

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