Water&Oil by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

Mixing business with disaster, Vogue Italia has a "fashion with a conscience" moment. Drawing attention to the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, and making women look like seals in regal distress is all in a days work. Some have said that taking a serious ecological disaster and turning it into a fashion shoot is in bad taste, but how will it get attention from those who avoid it if they don't use many media to spread the word?

It's a thought provoking comeback for Kristen McMenamy and holy wow was it worth it. Such a dark subject matter covered by a 45 year old McMenamy, makes it all the more prevalent. Adoration has to be given to Steven Meisel for doing two controversial things in one, politics and bringing ageism to Vogues doorstep. This time it's more than just pretty pictures...

Magazine: Vogue Italia August 2010
Model: Kirsty McMenamy
Photographer: Steven Meisel

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